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5 Ways to Use New Moon Energy

New moons are powerful times in the lunar cycle.  The moon is present, but hidden from plain view.  You have to imagine it  the night it goes dark.  If you close your eyes, it's very like the expanse inside you.  If you focus, you can fill that space with anything you want.  New moons are commonly known to be a time of intention setting and new beginnings.  They can also be used to re-visit things you might have wanted to leave in the dark, or to refresh attention to a project or idea you've laid down. 

This moon (July 12, 2018) is in Cancer -- in astrology that means emotions, family and home focused.  I was given a message that this moon is asking many of us to think about how we Mother.  Regardless of your gender identity or expression, whether you've given birth or cared for a child, "to Mother" (in the functional, non-toxic sense) means care, nurturing and unconditional love given to ourselves, others and even to our ideas and projects. 

How are you showing love and care to yourself or your friends and family? Are you nurturing your ideas and projects? Are you protecting yourself from the negative inner voice that says "you can't." "you aren't enough." "no one cares what you think is a good idea."  Fight that voice the way a Fierce, Loving Mother would fight anyone who tried to hurt the tender young things being created -- whether that's a child, or an idea. Fight for your stuff.  Fight for your friends. Fight for you.

Here's some ways you can use this, or any New Moon phase energy (and up to 3 days after):

1. Journal -- for introspection, making plans, getting clear  or creating affirmations to counter the negative thoughts/beliefs with positive ones.

2. Cleanse -- clean the house. Or if not, a smaller space like your bedroom.  Do you have an altar? Make sure the cloths are fresh, the incense ash whisked away.  Refresh the candles or offerings.  Use Salt to absorb negative energy by sprinkling some on the floor and sweeping it up.  Take a Spiritual Cleansing bath made of sea salt, milk, a splash of Florida Water and a few drops of Jasmine oil. 

3. Rest -- use the dark to catch up on sleep and recharge. Meditate.  It's hard to be clear about your intentions, or the messages you might receive if you're frazzled and tired.

4. Clear and Charge your Crystals -- Any crystal can use moon energy to clear or charge -simply sit in a windowsill or outside, just make sure to remove them before the sunrise as the bright light of the sun can fade some crystals like Amethyst or Citrine.  Some crystals thrive in the moonlight/moon energy -- Moonstone, Selenite, Opal, and Labradorite particularly love the Moon Energy.

5. Perform a Ritual -- for solidifying your intentions, for abundance, for understanding, for self-love.... really anything you want to start fresh with, or help with focusing on.  Even keeping it simple by lighting a white candle or a stick of palo santo can be powerful, clearing and centering.

Whatever you do with your new moon, be gentle with yourself.  Feel whatever comes up and love yourself best however you can.


I am an intuitive tarot interpreter who has been reading and studying cards for over 30 years.  You can get tarot readings from me or buy handmade candles, oils and bath salts in the AfroMajick Shop.

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