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State of Things Reading

I decided to call it a State of Things reading.

What do we need to know going forward? What should be focused on? Is there anything positive to know?

IV Power - This is the thing. While I definitely feel that New Age idea that we all have our individual power to make certain realities real in our lives, (what kind of witch would I be if I didn't think "hacking life" was a thing?) there are certain things that are inescapable. Think how race is a social construct, but it absolutely has real impact in people's lives. I can't stand that dude in the white house at all. I never could, but he makes tweets and decisions that have real impact in people's lives. Or deaths, depending. So that's power that can over-ride my personal power. But still, if you stop listening to the "powers that be" all the time, and listen a little more to your own power... well that makes a difference doesn't it? I can't leave the house much - broken leg, stay-at-home order, but I can still have sun, fresh air and connection to people I love. I can use my power by helping my family, my community, my city -- if I have more, give to someone with less. If I need, I can use the power of my voice to ask for help. So even when some asshole bureaucrat decides to bail out the cruise lines that don't claim US origin to evade taxes and employment law but will take that sweet US money when it's offered, if we use power where we can, and even push our power beyond where we think it could go. One thing all this 'Rona shit exposes is the idea that a lot of things they told us we couldn't have, we clearly can. We don't have to let them always dictate the terms.

XI Strength - I heard a powerful Mambo I know say that you can see Oya all over this pandemic. I am not initiated into the deeper mysteries of any of the ATRs, but in my own experiences of Oya energy, it's beyond intense. It's the power of storms, the power of wind, the vastness and ability of the jet stream. Not getting other messages about Oya specifically, just that kind of energy is at work in terms of this situation.

Strength has a big energy of compassion in it. Think of the mother lion picking up her tiny cubs in the same jaws she can make a wildebeest suffocate to death. Lift up the folks in your surroundings. Lift you up too! This is the opportunity to play to your good feelings, your generosity -- and actually, you've been going to work or school for so long, do you even actually know what your strengths are? This break is a opportunity to figure that out, or get deeper into what that means. Use your strengths in a smart, intentional way. Like - If you need a different schedule than the one your job has had you locked into, find a way to make your authentic rhythm work for your job, not the other way around.

9 of Pentacles - This is one of the most positive, wonderful cards in the deck. It's about what the fruits of your goals can be in your life. The person on the card planted and cared for their garden and now it is in full bloom, and they can enjoy the garden in any way they wish. There is abundance and sunshine and comfort there. But. It took self-discipline and participation and commitment to get there. There was weeding, problem solving, fertilizing -- energy and intention was put into that space. If you're gonna get through this time, you've got to do all of that gardening. If you want to have a healthy yield, cut out the weeds, plan ahead, leave space and energy for contingencies, and give yourself a chance to succeed. Stay safe -- "act like you're infected and try to not give it to other people". If there is a stay inside order, obey it. Eat well, take immune-boosters, keep your stress to a minimum (did you know RZA has meditations now?), do not give in to the temptation to simply recreate work at home and school, take the opportunity to live free a little. See how it feels.

8 of Wands- Messages are going to come in fast. Changes, announcements, infection rates, things are going to crash (Netflix was out almost all of Europe this am apparently), you're going to get news and then that news is going to change. I've heard multiple stories about management saying that "we aren't going to close" then 3 hours later saying "we are closing". Things that usually do not act or move quickly will. "Life comes at you fast" is the order of the day. That is a 2 sided coin, tho --- it can be good, in the case of expedited unemployment or it can be bad, like Rand Paul voted against the relief bill and now has The Rona. (Don't be like Rand Paul. STAY HOME)

4 of Wands- This card is about the future stability that can make you feel secure enough to be free. "This too shall pass". Covid-19 is here to stay, of course, but the pandemic will be over. The mass danger and fear will subside. Make no mistake, though, this is a defining time. A marker. Remember what things were like before 9/11? They changed that day. You're witnessing global history, you're a part of it -- journal, video, blog, record what you're thinking and what's happening to you. Future historians will look back on it. It's a census year too --- so even where you live is going to be recorded for the future historians and genealogists. You are significant to the whole, even as small as you feel sometimes. Behave accordingly.


Take breaks, y'all. I think it's good to stay connected to friends and family via social media, but taking breaks is smart. Don't watch the daily briefings daily. Go outside (safe distances from others if you can't go to a yard or porch) get some sun, eat well, drink water, take immune boosting supplements and foods, don't just fill up your hours trying to recreate work and school environments. Remember your humanity is more than the machine cog they might want you to be.

And listen to Prince. He knew.

If you wanna talk -- do not hesitate to reach out. I'm available for readings, for positive vibes, for jokes and memes, for a shoulder.

Love you!!!!


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