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Sweet herbal blend with a lovely scent to encourage self-love and healing.  My most popular formulation.  I put a lot of love and healing energy in this blend because this is energy work I needed myself.  Helps clear and heal unhappy or traumatic emotions that you have stored in yourself and perhaps you aren't even aware of.  These things cause unconscious blockages to progress in attracting love and passion that is right for you -- that is healthy for you.  I'm not saying this blend will fix it for you, but it will help you fix it.  Wear this oil, burn the candle with it for your altar and let the healing energy encourage you.

Honey Goddess I Love Me! a Deux

  • Candle comes in a plastic lidded container to keep it's herbs, crystals and lovely scent intact. PLEASE DO NOT BURN in this container.  Candle pops out of the container easily.  Only burn on a fire-safe container/surface and do not leave unattended. 

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