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Twin Flame is a little double dose of Passion Majick.  The lovely body safe oil and sexy red candle infused with hand blended herbs and essential oils to increase or attract Passion.  For when you want to stoke the flames of your long time relationships or to have a lit hoe story for your friends.  You know what I'm talking about. #hoeislife


*Contains almond oil

Honey Goddess Passion Twin Flame

  • Candle comes in a plastic lidded container to keep it's herbs and lovely scent intact. PLEASE DO NOT BURN in this container.  Candle pops out of the container easily.  Only burn on a fire-safe container/surface and do not leave unattended. 

  • All the ingredients of this combination were made during a ritual in which Oshun and Yemoja were petitioned to give aid in these intentions.  There are herbs and essential oils (also combined during ritual) to assist your journey -- to help you feel more confident and sexy, to increasing libido and desire (in both directions!) and expands the possibilities with the high frequency of attraction.

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