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Attraction blend for Romance and love.  Soft pink candle with crystals and herbal blend for attraction enhancement. 0.05ml Honey Goddess Passion Oil to add heat to your Love Vibe. Wear the oil, cleanse and marinate in the bath salts and burn the candle. You can do them seperately or all at once or when you want to set the mood, for those special occasions or for that special someone.

Honey Goddess Romance Twin Flame

  • Candle comes in a plastic lidded container to keep it's herbs and lovely scent intact. PLEASE DO NOT BURN in this container.  Candle pops out of the container easily.  Only burn on a fire-safe container/surface and do not leave unattended. 

  • These items were made during a ritual in which Oshun and Yemoja were petitioned to give aid in these intentions.  There are herbs and essential oils (also combined during ritual) to assist your journey -- toward attracting the love you desire, attracting more attention and increasing your opportunities to find more compatible, attracted partners or perhaps encouraging a casual love to be more serious.

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