I'm an intuitive tarot reader/adviser. I am also a sexuality educator and pleasure empowerment activist. Yes, there is overlap - I promise!!  Stick around and you'll see.


I'm a singer, a mother of adult kids, cat lover, and avid ice chewer (um, it makes its own gravy!). 


I hope to get to know  you, and you can get to know me too.  


Here are some places to get started.  Thanks Again!!


Thanks for visiting my spot from your spot!

2021 Year Ahead Reading

12.26.2020 to 01.31.2021

Folks cook black eyed peas with tomato, greens and cornbread as a tradition on the first day of the year to bring health, wealth and prosperity for the new year.  Let me help you plan by giving insight to the themes, challenges and blessings ahead for you in 2021.

Book time with me.


$77 -allow 75 mins.  

Unconvenient Truth


good clean fun

I was a guest on another friend's awesome podcast -- The Unconvenient Truth. We talked about Masturbation and Manifestation. And a couple of other things. You can take all that in here!



If I'm honest, Tumblr is the social media platform I spend the most time on.  It's pretty beautiful and funny and informative.  A great place to learn and be inspired.  



Music Lessons, Majick tips, Rants, Spells, Tarot Talk, Whatever.

Click Here.

Using Tarot to

Heal Trauma

11.17.2020 and 11.21.2020

Most recently, I presented Healing Trauma Using Tarot at the Dawtas of the Moon, Black Witch Convention.  I'll be presenting this again - One for Readers and Healers that use tarot in their practice and One for folks working on themselves.  Get Tickets Here.

Sex On Shuffle w/ Cindy Lee


I was a guest on my very close friend Cindy Lee Alves' Podcast called Sex On Shuffle. We talked about EVERYTHING. You can hear that here.


Up-Grade  Your Sex Life!!!

Sexual Education and Empowerment with Workshops, Events, Coaching, Courses, Family Health Education

KU Witches in Pop Culture Podcast

Witch Bodies

I was a guest on my friend, Dr. Jane Barnette's Kansas University class podcast.  We talked about Witchcraft, Sex Magick and Repro Justice. You can listen to that right here.

Special Pricing

Ongoing During Quarantine

Redux readings are $50 as long as folks are out of work and worried about money.  I brought back 30 min readings as well, and Love/Sex/Relationship sessions are here to stay!

Covid-19 Reading


The State of Things. A Reading for this stage of the pandemic. 

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