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Natural Tarot 1 -- This empowering journey with tarot is for folks who are fairly new to the tarot. You'll learn the origins of the tarot, the history of POCs and the tarot and you'll learn how to connect with your deck and increase your intuition. You'll also learn the numerology and symbolism in the cards and some spreads that can get you reading helpfully and accurately almost immediately.

Natural Tarot 2 – This intermediate tarot experience is for folks who have some experience and familiarity with tarot. We'll increase intuitive skills, learn deeper meanings in the cards and how certain cards have archetypal relationships with other cards. The connection between cards to get more meaningful messages that you can apply to real life situations. You will also learn how to create your own spreads and more advanced spreads - both famous ones and ones used by myself.

Natural Majick: Various Subjects – Having a Spiritual Practice is a gift you give yourself. It gives priority to creating an emotional and Spiritual Space in your life. Doing so increases discernment, intuition, connection to the miraculous world around you. Doing so will create a Sacred Space in your life and bring to Light the connection to Divinity you are Naturally capable of. 9 modules of lessons, definitions, instructions on Altar construction, uses of herbs, roots, candles and oils in your practice. Divination, Elemental & Planetary Workings and spellwork.

Fire and Desire: Rekindling the Flame – Remember how it used to feel? The butterflies, the anticipation, and the intense HORNY you had when it first started…. Or even just your own lust and longing – when you were younger, and felt better in your body? Before the kids made you forget the sexy, inner you or perhaps you haven’t met your Sexual Self yet, but whatever your situation, this is how to make it hot. 

Brown Sugar Sex Majick: Various Subjects – In this workshops you'll learn how to consciously cultivate your sexual/orgasmic energy, how to harness and focus it, exercises and practices to raise it. You'll learn manifestation techniques step-by-step that I have used personally for years, you'll learn how to amplify the energy of the Sex Majick with a partner or group. You'll also learn traditional works to attract a lover, to have more sexual energy in your life, to encourage fidelity or to deepen an already established relationship.

Trauma, Transformation & Tarot – The Tarot reflects where we are coming from. So often that's a place of hurt, grief, betrayal and disappointment. Those states can make it difficult to navigate our Path and maintain a rising vibration. This workshop will help you identify the cards that can illuminate your Path and lead to healing.

It’s So GOOD!: Prioritizing Your Sexual Self  - Most folks put sex at the bottom of the priority list, if it even makes it onto the list at all.  But it’s important and it can be SO VERY GOOD….this is one of those times the old adage is poignantly true: if you don’t use it, you will lose it!  Come join me and let’s get those priorities in line. Or out of line…depending on your point of view.

Healing the Back Door Blues: Anal Sex for Beginners  (and people with previous negative experiences who want to try again) – So maybe you tried it that one time and it was terrible.  Or maybe you see them doing it in the movies and you want to know what it’s like. Maybe you just like playing with your ass and want to know more about it.  Whatever your reason for exploring, we can find the way inside (ha!) together.

Oral Sex Demystified: Raise Your Game – You’re great at it, I’m sure.  Really.  But.  You can always improve, learn some things you didn’t know, you can become unforgettable to your partners… and yes, even a few tips if you hate doing it. 

Advanced Orgasms – G-spots, P-spots, Your SPOTS OH MY!!!  Multiples (for everyone), Ejaculating (you hear people call it “squirting”), cultivating sexual energy to potentially reach levels of pleasure you might not have known you’d be capable of!

Pregnancy is Divine! -  Put the sex and sensuality back into your pregnancy experience.  The loving energy you make with your partner and with yourself can enhance your pregnancy journey and even make labor and delivery a more connected experience.

Grown Folks Toy Box – So many companies, so many textures, materials, shapes and sizes – how do you make sense of it? How do you make sure that you’re getting the best quality and good time that you can but also make sure that you are playing safely? After this workshop, you will have the answer to these questions AND – cool places to use/put that toy you hadn’t considered….

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